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Written by: Gustav Plato

iiGrowth, is teaming with the Center for Acellerating Innovation (President of the Center is Egils Milbergs) to evaluate the feasibility of a United States and Baltic Business Acellerator (USBBA).   iiGrowth and the Center of Acellerating Innovation will launch a web site by early 2008 to foster the rapid development of a US and Baltic economic business network.  USBBA is envisioned to provide a trans-Atlantic bridge to foster and promote trade between the United States and the Baltic Region. The USBBA would be a catalyst for launching collaborative business ventures between the United States and the Baltic Sea Region. It is envisioned that the USBBA will be comprised of virtual Web 2.0 collaborative environments and physical centers.

The USBBA ecosystem will include industry, investors, academic, and government partners. They will work together to foster the following:

· Economic matchmaking and partnership· Access to debt and equity financing· Grants to fund selected projects, joint ventures· Education and knowledge dissemination· Product and Service innovation

The initial targeted sectors for economic cooperation include the following:

· Environment and environmentally friendly products· Energy· High technology (nano-technologies, hardware, web, and software programming)· Consumer and Retail Products· Other Manufacturing

The USBBA will aid the Baltic countries in shifting their business portfolio from trade and agricultural to an emphasis on value added manufacturing (across all industry sectors) and strenghtening the econmic bond between the United States and the Baltic Region. For more about the USBBA project contact gplato@iigrowth.com.


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