Teardrops to Rainbows and Social Entrepreneurship



Written by: Gustav Plato

Teardrops to Rainbows

Social Entrepreneurship is rapidly gaining recognition in the United States as a new and much needed discipline to promote social change.   Social entrepreneurs are individuals who have recognized a social need and use the principles of entrepreneurship to form, organize, lead, and manage ventures whose vision and mission is to make social change. 

Teardrops to Rainbows (T2R) is led by social entrepreneur, Lois Lyons.  T2R recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.  Teardrops to Rainbows (T2R) is a recognized 501(c)(3), organization based in Fairfax, Virginia which provides support, services and financial assistance to area children with cancer and their families. T2R plays an active role in helping families through the many stages of treatment for a life-threatening illness.  (see www.teardropstorainbows.org for getting involved or supporting T2R) ,

The recent T2R fifth anniversary holiday dinner was one of the more special nights and events that iiGrowth founder, Gustav Plato, has had the privilege to attend.  It was a unique experience.  In attendance were hundreds of volunteers and supporters who have been working with T2R on a daily basis.  Together they have already built a wonderful and dynamic community.  As the next stage of growth for the T2R community, Lois Lyons, and the board of T2R, have engaged with iiGrowth to chart a course for the future.

T2R is working wonders by seizing opportunities others have missed, inventing new approaches, and creating solutions to change the approaches to those fighting cancer for the better.   iiGrowth will work with T2R using our idea to growth framework to look for the next generation of innovation and implement these solutions to help the T2R community. 


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