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The talent pool of entrepreneurs and business people of Latvian heritage in the United States is significant relative to the size of Latvia and the Latvian economy.    In the current environment these individuals are organized through social networks.  Today’s economic environment; the power or technology; as well as the economic interests of these individuals, Latvia, and the United States provide an opportunity to create a Latvian business network to drive economic growth and development.

2008 is the year to create a Latvian Chamber of Commerce (LATCHAM) in the United States.  The LATCHAM will be a business federation that represent Latvian business people, businesses and associations and provide forums for government and private sector firms to meet, keep informed of one anothers activites, and promote business cooperation.

iiGrowth is leading the development of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in the United States (LATCHAM).  In 2008, the LATCHAM will be formed, an initial operating structure established, and work will be started on building out the membership.  The full scope of services will evolve as the group grows in size and stature.

Please contact iiGrowth if you are interested in becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce at gplato@iigrowth.com.


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