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We Entrepreneurs Latvia is leading and facilitating Latvia’s private sector efforts to create a sustainable entreprenurial class in Latvia.  WEL brings together entrepreneurs, investors, academia, and specialists in a variety of fields to generate ideas, innovate, and grow.  From our perspective at IIGrowth, we could not find a better group to spend our time with, the Latvian Entrepreneur.  So we are going to Latvia.  From March 07 through 20, IIGrowth will be in Latvia visiting with Latvian Entrepreneurs.  On March 13, 2008, we will be leading a WEL workshop at the Hipotēka Banka (Mortgage Bank) and discussing how Latvian Entrepreneurs can view the US market, come up with innovative ideas for market entry, and develop US market growth strategies.  If you are interested in a 1:1 meeting please contact us at gplato@iigrowth.com.  For information about the seminar please contact Sandra Ozola, WEL Executive Director, ozola.sandra@gmail.com.


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