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New Media.  Social Networks. Changing Demographics.  That is only part of the story.  IIGrowth is diving deep into the exciting world of human capital and organizational management strategy.  What else do we see.    New Network-Centric Business and Governance Models.  Workforce Lifecycles @ Wave 3.0. Leadership and Mastery of Collaborative Network Management.  Much More.

What do these things mean to you?  Be prepared to get engaged in the discussion.  We are working on a project with our partner Mind and Media that will address these challenges.  Together we are crafting a Future Vision for Managing the Federal Workforce with applicability to all industry sectors.

In support of this project we will be engaging you, posting questions, answering questions, facilitating discussions and creating a record of our work using all the tools at our disposal in the web 2.0 and coming 3.0 world.


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