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Written by: Gustav Plato

Newseum (www.newseum.org), located in Washington DC, is not just a museum about news.  From the time you enter the facility, you are greeted by warm and friendly people, knowledgeable about the entire facility.  There are 6 floors of interactivity.  As someone who visited the Idea Factory a few years back while in San Francisco, I have understood that the ultimate customer service moments are about having a memorable experience.  The newseum, does just that, and more.

From the Berlin wall to the Annenberg Theater the facility mesmerizes you with history and it also spawns new ideas.  The 4-D film, entitled, Witness: A 4-D Time Travel Adventure, connects you with historic events ( Battle of Lexington, Nellie Bly investigating a women’s insane asylum and Edward R. Murrow broadcasting from World War II London)  in a way that you feel that you are there, inside the event, with not only holographic images all around you, but with wind blowing in your hair, and moving seats!  WOW!

The Newseum is located at Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street, N.W., Washington, DC.


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