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Written by: Gustav Plato

There has been an explosion in social networking. The growth has been fueled and driven by individuals and their desire to connect with one another. The “enterprise” in the public or private sector is just beginning to explore how business and professional networks could be used for competitive advantage. What are the greatest areas of opportunity? What role could/should the enterprise have? How could business networks enhance the enterprise’s human capital? Would this be different in public versus private sector?

Gustav Plato, CEO of iiGrowth, and Aldo Bello, Chief Creative Officer, of Mind and Media are engaging public and private sector new media thought leaders on these questions and many more in some of the leading social networks including Facebook (see posts in Partnership for Public Service and the Collaboration Project) and LinkedIn (Questions and Answers), as well as a social networking tool, Ning.

Join the discussion!  If you are interested in participating in the discussion please go to these forums, our blogs, or contact us directly.


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