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Over the last 9 months I have had an opportunity to work with Mind and Media on a variety of cutting edge and transformative initiatives. I am very fortunate and thankful that Mind and Media has also helped me design and transform iiGrowth’s Web site. More changes are on the way to ensure that iiGrowth’s clients attain an improved customer experience.  It is very exciting.

However, the key take away from this post is to share with you that Mind and Media has continuously gone out of their way to be a great group of friends and business partners. All of this in a time when they are keenly involved in transformative communications including persuasive public information campaigns, customized training programs, and workforce recruitment strategies that are making a difference (take a look at www.hirevetsfirst.gov or www.collaborationproject.org).

Mind and Media is a premier media agency and they have achieved this by creating a unique place and space in Alexandria Virginia. When you have the opportunity to go to a place called Mind and Media, you will leave with a unique “customer experience”. Mind and Media has continued to pay attention to the details of the customer experience and makes changes/improvements to this continuously. This means that your next experience will be different than the last and as a result you will gain more value from haven taken the time to go to Mind and Media. I strongly encourage anyone who has not had the opportunity to visit with Mind and Media to do so.

Thank You Mind and Media for being there in a place and space in Alexandria. I look forward to my next visit and experience!


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