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Written by: Gustav Plato

iiGrowth is rolling out its Business Value Navigator Service Line. We have listened to the voices of many business executives in recent weeks.  The questions, comments and concerns are very similar.

  • How bad will it get?
  • What should we be doing?
  • How should we manage our risks and investments?
  • Where can we get into trouble/where are we exposed?
  • How can we beat this thing?

iiGrowth has assembled a cadre of seasoned executives and business partners to help address these questions of how to navigate a downturn.  We have identified key areas that you must look at, in order to not only survive the financial crisis, but to also use it as a catalyst for accelerating your path towards being a great and highly profitable company.  The key areas that we will help you examine include the following:

  • Business Strategy & Leadership
  • Customer/Stakeholder Management
  • Financial, Investment, and Risk Strategy
  • Operational Innovation (Information Technology Leverage, Lean Processes)

iiGrowth’s experienced team will come in and rapidly triage any critical areas, augment the triage with a long term blueprint that sets forth objective and reachable targets, and an execution approach that achieves results in time-boxed 90-120 day cycles.  We tell you what you need to do in 4 months and we tell you what you will need to do next Monday.

Our approach is proven.  It will give you the foundation today to manage through this financial storm.  Don’t wait, too much is at stake.  In the coming days look for more details on our crisis management service line.


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