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Yes you can!  Rockville based MobileNOW! is a sparkling example of how a business originating in the Baltic States can thrive in the US.  Their showcase pilot in the DC Metro area is an example of how this Baltic to US connection can work.  They made the right investments and commitment to learn about the local market and tailored their market entry strategy based on the local requirements.  This has not been an overnight effort, but rather several years of dedication to the market and its customers.
MobileNOW!’s pay-by-cell system ParkNOW! was selected for a 3 month pilot project in Montgomery County, Maryland. The pilot which began on January 4, is being conducted in downtown  Bethesda, in one of the city’s most well travelled locations, encompassing some 1250 parking spaces, including Garage 57, Lot 31, and on-street meters along Bethesda, Woodmont and Elm streets (note: a frequent destination for iiGrowth).  This pilot represents ParkNOW! ‘s largest U.S. installation to date. Says Krista Tassa, President of MobileNOW, “we were delighted to launch this project in Montgomery County since Bethesda is a vibrant community well suited to adoption of new technologies. Well over a thousand users have already registered for the service and experienced the convenience of not having to search for coins to pay for parking and being able to extend parking sessions remotely.

Rick Siebert, Chief of the Property Development and Planning Section of MCDOT, said “We conducted a full RFP process to select our vendor for the Pay By Cell Pilot program and we are happy to have selected Rockville-based MobileNOW!  We have been surprised by the buzz the Pilot has already created in the media, among so many civic groups and individual parkers.


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