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Biometric Associates, LP is a unique developer, manufacturer, and integrator of authentication and identity systems that have been specifically designed to provide a high level of security and privacy protection. BAL systems, including related cryptographic, PKI and RFID implementations, provide assured user confirmation. They can be integrated into Bluetooth smart card readers, RFID Contactless cards, biometric USB thumb drives, Internet authentication servers and electronic monitoring systems, as well as other logical and physical access control applications.

Bai Thumbdrive Internet Security System

The bai Thumbdrive is a self-contained biometric authentication sub-system embedded within a standard USB fingerprint thumb drive. During the enrollment process, the user’s fingerprints are scanned and stored in the protected memory of the thumb drive. A unique cryptographic key is generated by the baiGateway Server and stored on the thumb drive along with the Server’s IP address. The thumb drive is then “locked” and ready for use. No client software or passwords are required – the user simply plugs the baiThumbdrive into any Windows® computer, scans a finger and is automatically connected to the client application by the baiGateway Server. The user’s fingerprints are not transmitted or exposed at anytime, further protecting individual privacy.

blueARMOR 100 Secure Headset

Secure Bluetooth Headset

The blueARMOR 100 Secure Headset is the first headset designed to meet government security requirements concerning the vulnerabilities of Bluetooth. This is a high quality, dual microphone headset that employs our patent-pending security technology as well as software that elevates recording quality while enhancing noise suppression and echo cancellation. The blueARMOR 100 Secure Headset delivers superior sound quality under a variety of real world conditions.


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