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iiGrowth’s  Growth Center is designed to provide firms with the tools and expertise to generate new ideas, innovate, and develop strategies for growing the bottom line and core competencies.
The center is focused on bringing best of breed solutions to global businesses and has identified a need to make social network analysis (SNA) or organizational network analysis (ONA) accessible and affordable to businesses across the globe.iiGrowth has created a strategic partnership with Keyhubs, a firm that is an innovator in social network analysis, to offer solutions for mapping informal (human) networks in the workplace.  Using Keyhubs’ unique methodologies and tools now makes it possible to uncover hidden talent, expose key influencers and identify high-performing teams to help organizations realize their full potential.

iiGrowth’s program is founded on the principle that establishing relationships with best-in-class organizations, such as Keyhubs, will offer superior solutions to the market, faster, with lower cost, and with reduced risk.   iiGrowth’s Idea and Innovation Center will be launching a series of partnerships in 2010 and 2011 that will offer our clients a one-stop shop for solutions and also look to build collaborative communities.

Keyhubs Founder, Vikas Narula, stated, “we have made significant investments to create a game changing solution in the field of organizational development.  The companies that have already been introduced to Keyhubs have been amazed by its clarity and ability to provide them with valuable information on the true workings of the organization.  We admit, we are biased, but this product offers a competitive advantage for the early adopters.  For those companies that come later, this will be the solution that will help them level the playing field.  We are excited about the offering and expanding it globally.  In that light, we are also very pleased about connecting with iiGrowth to help us bring the solution to global markets.


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