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iiGrowth works with IT House, a Latvian Ruby on Rails developer that is rapidly gaining recognition for applying Ruby on Rails to build creative website designs and efficient web applications.  IT House has been successful in the local Latvian market, yet they lacked the global brand recognition to gain the attention of clients and partners in the United States.

iiGrowth worked to support IT House in developing their service and solution localization strategies for US and UK markets.  iiGrowth assessed the US and UK market opportunities, IT House’s internal capabilities, and developed a market entry roadmap for IT House.

iiGrowth also guided IT House in communicating their value and experience through direct contact as well as sustaining contacts through the website and other social media.  The strategy was to create a sustainable customer experience that allowed US and UK clients and partners to continue to interact with IT House.

IT House is now working within the US market ventures including a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering in the rental car market, a collaborative transformation and change management community, and other collaboration and interaction intensive websites.


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