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iiGrowth is a trusted advisor to Mind and Media, a communications thought leader and media innovator, which has won more than 170 awards for communications since its founding in 1994.

iiGrowth supports Mind and Media’s Federal consulting engagement. We are currently supporting their engagement to provide branding and communications services to a large government research and development organization including the discovery, design and implementation phases of the project. iiGrowth led customer research and benchmarking tasks, as well as design of customer experience and journey mapping and collaboration initiatives.

iiGrowth partnered with Mind and Media to develop a transformation and communications roadmap for the University of the District of Columbia School of Business and Economics. Working with the Dean and senior staff, iiGrowth and Mind and Media developed an overall leadership and governance structure, growth strategy for new programs, a sustainment strategy for existing programs, and communications and other enabling services to support the overall transformation.

iiGrowth partnered with Mind and Media with a major international news services to fuse storytelling and video as proof of concept of how to transform the news industry into an interactive, robust, and growing medium.

iiGrowth provided strategy and executive coaching support to Mind and Media’s corporate business and growth strategy. We guided the founders and leadership team in creating an overall strategy and then supported sales and communications initiatives using our accelerated growth framework. We conducted a customer experience market scan and provided Mind and Media with insight on how to implement their own expanded customer experience.


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