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iiGrowth works with Real Sound Lab, a Latvian audio engineering firm working with sound technology development. Raimonds Skurulis and Viesturs Sosars have teamed up at RSL to produce a unique and automatic acoustic system correction technology called CONEQ™. Real Sound Lab have patented their technology in Latvia and are in the process do so throughout the world. Real Sound Lab plans to commercialize their technology through licensing agreements and through sales to audio professionals.  Real Sound Lab has already made significant progress by licensing their products to three big name companies; Panasonic, Hitachi, and Kenwood.

iiGrowth is currently working to aid Real Sound Lab develop a market strategy for their patented equalization technology in the USA fixed installation audio market.  The services that iiGrowth is providing for Real Sound Lab include a product portfolio analysis, fixed audio installation market need analysis, market readiness evaluation, and an overall market strategy.

iiGrowth is currently working closely with Real Sound Lab’s Viesturs Sosars and doing primary market research in the fixed installation audio market.


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