University of the District of Columbia

Written by: iiGrowth

iiGrowth, in support of a strategic initiative by the Dean of the UDC School of Business and Public Administration and in collaboration with Mind and Media, facilitated the Dean and senior officials at UDC in their development of a strategic Roadmap for transforming the UDC business school. The School of Business and Public Administration has as its main mission the preparation of students for careers in business, government, and the non-profits by offering graduate and undergraduate programs. Its programs prepare students to think critically, analytically and creatively. The School also prepares its graduates for further education at the graduate and professional levels and extends its reach to foster the growth and development of business and community organizations.

iiGrowth was honored to be asked to participate in this important initiative at UDC and worked with UDC to develop program priorities and timelines for transforming the business school. iiGrowth and Mind and Media developed a framework that addressed new growth opportunities, sustaining the many excellent initiatives already underway, the role of leadership and overall program governance, and enabling initiatives such as communications. The framework was a key input to the program’s overall vision and strategic intent of the leadership team.


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