Krieg Devault

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Krieg Devault serves as iiGrowth’s general counsel in the energy sector.

For clients throughout the Midwest and across the country, Krieg DeVault provides clear, practical legal advice that takes in the big picture without losing sight of the details. That’s how they approach their client’s legal challenges and how they deliver solutions that are focused on their client’s needs and business.

While much has changed since Krieg DeVault’s founding in Indianapolis, over 130 years ago, Krieg Devault’s commitment to listening to its clients has not. Client satisfaction and loyalty have allowed Krieg Devault to grow from a two-lawyer general practice in the mid-1870s to its current status as a premier business-focused law firm. From offices that reach from the nation’s heartland to the Sun Belt, Krieg Devault is ideally positioned to serve the needs of their diversified client base.

Financial institutions, global manufacturers, national healthcare providers, successful organizations of various sizes and market focus, as well as individuals all rely on Krieg Devault for solutions that create success. They know their important cases, sophisticated transactions, and complex business issues require the big picture approach that has become a Krieg DeVault hallmark.

“Clients expect us to help them achieve their goals. They entrust us with their most important legal matters.  At Krieg DeVault, we never take that trust for granted. We learn our clients’ businesses; we communicate openly, we follow up frequently; we respond timely; and we are always available. In short, we develop a relationship with our clients. Our clients’ goals become our goals.”

Michael E. Williams, Managing Partner


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