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Why should you bring iiGrowth into your business?

Ideas & Innovation

Generating ideas through structured but free flowing discourses, organizing the chaotic nature of ideas, prioritizing the ideas, communicating these ideas, and then being able to repeat the process is all part of the innovation process we help our clients create and sustain. We will help you with the BIG IDEA as well as help you figure out the little ideas to bring creativity and innovation into your business. We see innovation as adaptive, iterative, and continuous and iiGrowth will guide you in bringing the JAZZ into your business.


Our approach is to collaborate and partner with you to create a long term relationship with you. We do consider our clients, partners, more than anything else. We aspire to relationships where we share the values, ideas, and passion. We are firm believers in long term results and tie our results to yours and vice versa. We believe that this is the way to manage and sustain business growth and mature businesses.


Each and every one of our team members and business partners share a key value characteristic, which is a passion for the work we do. Sure, we all have families, go on vacations, and put priorities on the important things in life. That is where it all starts.  But how do we make these dreams come true. By working with industry leaders, and innovators, who want to make the world a better place, a more socially responsible place, and certainly a more productive and outcome oriented place. In today’s world, with all the moving parts, who has time to waste time? We do not, and we certainly know that you do not. That is why passion to get the job done is so important.


Sense and respond, plug and play, networks and relationships are the means by which we help you up the learning curve in creating or transforming markets, or bringing your current solutions to existing markets. We work in rapid 90-120 day cycles with clearly defined goals and milestones. Speed is a critical differentiator in any market or industry.


Personifying your business and connecting you to potential clients and business partners at an organizational and personal level is what sets us apart from the competition. Our skilled market and industry specialists have vast networks of contacts that help us connect our collective passion to the right skills and competencies to tackle the wickedest and most hairy problems. We believe in the concept of community and the ability to co-create and collaborate as the way to transform markets and industries.


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