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Written by: Aleksandrs Racenis

Almost all private businesses know that customer experience is a huge aspect of success in today’s consumer centric market.  There is so much competition in every sector of the economy, that business have to stand out and provide exceptional customer experience every step of the way.  Experts like Bruce Temkin and Forester Research do in depth research and analysis of private sector customer experience goals, practices, expectations, and realities.  This year’s top company in terms of customer service in Forester’s 2010 Customer Experience Index, Barnes & Noble, probably worked exceptionally hard to earn this title.  There are of course happy customers at Barnes & Noble.

Recently the federal government, one of the largest buyers in the world has realized its needs to improve the customer experience.  It is measuring, analyzing, and practicing consumer needs.  We see this improvement happening in many different areas of the government, both federal and local.  RightNow is pioneering these advances in over 170 federal, national, state, provincial, and local government agencies world-wide.  They are calling it “Government 3.0” that is achieved on four fronts designed to involve citizens in the process of developing improved service mechanisms, communicating through social networking sites, personalizing interactions with agency employees, and developing ways to measure their ROI on communication techniques.

The USAF is an example of internal realization of certain customer needs within the government sector.  The USAF is a critical force in the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s Air Force Personnel Center was struggling to manage its documentation, curb spending, and support its military operations. The Human Resource tools and services needed to undergo a drastic transformation phase. “The primary goal was to create a better customer experience by providing self-service solutions and tracking customer service needs.”  RightNow’s Software as a Service provided the USAF with the increased ability for knowledge management, case tracking, contact center tracking, and customer survey mission needs.  This initiative has saved the USAF $4 million annually and improved customer engagement by 70%.

Send in posts about your experiences with Government 3.0 services and products.  How are the public and private sectors complementing each other?  What are your ideas on making positive changes?


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    In fact a company’s customer service can be traced back to financial performance for public corporations. Here is an interesting article on this:


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