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iiGrowth has developed a 120 Marketing Process that is specifically tailored to New Media. The process has a four stage approach as depicted in the accompanying process flow diagram.

iiGrowth's 120 Marketing Process

Essentially it is a structured approach which begins with a fundamental concept of developing Branding and Marketing Strategies that are tied in with a firm’s overall corporate strategy. These Branding and Marketing Strategies then become the cornerstone and starting point for the Design and Content development of a firm’s New Media approach. The Design and Content then feed the actual Development and Implementation. At the end of the process are Launch, Refinement, and Campaign, which in effect is the execution of the entire 120 Marketing Process. In essence, by following the 120 Marketing Process, it ensures that a company is maximized on the New Media execution of the overall corporate strategy, thereby maximizing a firm’s New Media ROI.

Each of these four phases of the 120 Marketing Process will be investigated in further depth in future Blogs. Anyone interested in this topic is invited to comment on our blog. These comments can be questions that we would hope to answer, or comments that could help refine our process. iiGrowth looks forward to participation.


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