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ClusterPoint has selected iiGrowth to assist in the development and implementation of a long-term business development and growth strategy in the United States. The ClusterPoint NTSS solution is well suited for government and commercial enterprises interested in developing enhanced information technology security. iiGrowth will support ClusterPoint in identifying enterprises in need of the ClusterPoint solution and providing communications and marketing support in the US market.

ClusterPoint Network Traffic Surveillance System (NTSS) is a solution that will automatically document and provide tools to search through all electronic documents and information communicated to and from your organization. It is an Internet data traffic recording and archiving system, which captures all IP packets from an Ethernet network, re-engineers relevant traffic back to the application level content (Web pages, e-mails, downloaded and uploaded files etc.) and stores it into the ClusterPoint scalable and searchable database system for long-term archiving and records management needs.

Designed to meet the increasing needs of Corporate Governance, Electronic Records Management and Regulatory Compliance associated with communications transacted to/from the legal entity of the organization, Clusterpoint’s Network Traffic Surveillance System monitors, indexes and stores all content and communications that are transacted across the network.


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