Stakeholder Matrix and Personas – Part II


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Written by: Aleksandrs Racenis

Last Thursday we identified and classified your stakeholders, it is time to dig deeper and develop the Persona Profiles. The Persona Profile is designed to give your company a brief, but detailed insight into what kind of customers your employees will be interacting and working with on a specific task.

The whole point of the Persona Profile is to understand your customer or client and deliver the optimum level of customer experience for the individual. We collect data about our customer on topics including the person’s job, special skills, work experience, education, salary, and most importantly, how they interact in the work environment. The information that we target includes who the employee works and interacts with and their preferred communications methods. These interlocking ideas provide us with the necessary ingredients to tailor a unique customer experience.

To give you an idea of how I assemble a Persona Profile, take a look at what Ten Ton Marketing suggests as questions to begin the creation of a Persona Profile. The profile should look almost like a brief resume complete with a picture of the individual. Using the questions outlined by Stephanie Tilton, your employees are now able to effectively differentiate your client’s skills, needs, and necessary working conditions.

In my experience, this profile building helps develop a deep understanding of the clients/customer’s expectations and habits in the work environment. This is important to understand because work satisfaction, productivity, and collaboration are imperative to success in ramping up your customer experience efforts.

I frequently take advice of other experts in the field and incorporate new techniques into to my own processes. These are just introductory questions that can be tweaked to specific individuals and circumstances so that customer and client understanding are achieved.

We collected our data through various channels and continually consult these networks to revise, update, and enhance the customer experience. I would be interested in hearing about your experience. How does your organization practice these techniques? If not, why not?


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