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iiGrowth was engaged by Multiplast Systems Inc. to provide marketing and implementation support services (global strategy, web design and programming, search engine optimization) to help Multiplast expand into new markets in Europe and the United States.

Multiplast is a specialized manufacturer of sustainable packaging alternatives. They offer a wide range of custom flexible and thermoformed environmentally friendly packaging to those companies that share Multiplast’s vision of using “Packaging with a Conscience.”

Multiplast’s key breakthrough has been their development of FP151S films and bag, which are produced with an additive which renders the material biodegradable and compostable while maintaining the films desired characteristics. These Earth Friendly Films have the same desired physical properties and shelf life as non-degradable films yet when disposed of, are able to be metabolized into inert biomass by enzymes.

Their solutions can be used in a variety of industries including retail; industrial; hospitality industry; supermarket, grocery, and convenience stores; food (fresh & frozen) packaging; restaurant and food service; horticultural and agricultural; bakery; and specialty applications.

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