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iiGrowth is helping Aklase LV explore the US market for its new venture, Oxygen Training Systems. Aklase is a member of the Ventspils Incubator and is an established and innovative fitness center in Ventspils, Latvia.

The firm is led by Iveta Valtenberga, who has more than 15 years of experience in the fitness segment. Iveta is the founder of the virtual training environment My Trainer Club. Together with the Aklase team they are well known in the Ventspils region for creating innovative and customized fitness progams. Iveta has adapted this innovation to include the use of new technologies such as oxygen technology.

iiGrowth has been engaged by Aklase to support their expansion efforts and has provided guidance on US market entry, the US fitness segment, and supported the development of Aklase marketing collatoral.


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