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USA based companies’ iiGrowth LLC and Altitude Global Advisors (AGA), are partnering to help their global clients develop and implement their business and financial strategies.

AGA is based in the Washington DC area and provides advisory services, investment opportunities and capital solutions for businesses, organizations and high net worth individuals across the globe. AGA provides strategic business planning; capital raising advice and assistance; helps prepare businesses and other organizations to become investor ready; and identifies high quality investments by industry and geography for all types of investors. The company was established by its two Founding Partners, Jeff Hokenson and David Lereah.

As speed is of the essence, iiGrowth and AGA are able to develop the right solutions at high speed for our respective clients. Developing and implementing strategic decisions, financing business initiatives, are competitive and often costly undertakings. The iiGrowth and AGA team provide a complete suite of advisory services and worldwide coverage to our clients. We leverage our collective experience to improve the competitive positioning of our clients, help them improve their revenue and growth opportunities, and lower the cost of execution.


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