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Getting to North America was designed by the Riga Business School and High Impact to bring perspectives and insight in how North American finance and markets work. The event included market entry, banking, and venture finance specialists representing North American and Latvian markets.  The seminar was moderated by Aleksandrs Rozens, from Bloomberg.

RBS Seminar 01.17.2012

Aleks led the discussion and spoke about the American experience and his perspectives and then led the dialogue between the panel and the audience. The participants included the following:

Gustavs Plato; Gustav Plato is the CEO and founder of iiGrowth. He is a consultant and advisor to entrepreneurs and business leaders on driving business growth. Gustav guides iiGrowth clients in creating strategic change initiatives, accelerating execution through portfolio management, and identifying financing/resourcing alternatives. Gustav spoke about market entry to North American consumer, health, information technology, and financial markets. He participated remotely via video link from Washington, D.C.

In Riga, the panel was joined by Mārtiņš Rikšis – Managing Partner at Norda Aktivi Ltd. Previously he has held positions in Zaļās Gaismas Investīcijas, Riga City Council, and Riga Stock Exchange. His nearly 20 years includes screening more than 300 investment proposals. Through his investment vehicles he has made investments in technology, communications and media sectors.
Mrs Ieva Fatjanova, the Head of Corporate banking department at Swedbank also was on the panel. She was accompanied by representative from their Entrepreneurship Competence Centre.
The panel was rounded out by James Bowen.  He is a serial entrepreneur, professor at University of Ottawa and RTU Riga Business School, author and, most recently the co-founder of the internet accelerator hatchbrands. In addition to his insight into going global, James offered very practical knowledge regarding readying a company for financing.

Those who attended the session on January 17 will be able to have a private meeting with James when he is in Riga in March of this year.


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