Intervening into an Existing System



Written by: Brett Sechrest

As individuals and as a world business community, we need to embrace the role of  “sustainability,” the benefits of “green” and the workings of biological partnerships. If we are trying to do this in our lives and in our businesses, we are no doubt working toward best outcomes for our family, community, nation and the world. We also might fear the worst, but we keep embracing goals that will take us forward, yet we will continue to get hammered by both the expected and unexpected.

What we are doing is intervening into an existing system that does not measure everything we would like it to measure. Therefore, the deck is stacked against us whether we are trying to create a business in renewable energy, “green” products, “green” services or whether we are trying to make our traditional existing business a little more efficient and conscious with regards to what is happening in our communities, nation and world.

Finding leverage points to intervene in an existing system is critical to our success in business – here are several I came across while reading Donella Meadows years ago.

  • The power to transcend paradigms.
  • The mindset or paradigm out of which the system – its goals, structure, rules, delays, parameters – arises.
  • The goals of this system.
  • The power to add, change, evolve, or self-organize system structure.
  • The rules of the system.
  • The structure of information flows.
  • The gain around driving positive feedback loops.
  • The strength of negative feedback loops relative to the impact they are trying to correct against.
  • The length of delays relative to the rate of system change.
  • The structure of material stocks and flows.
  • Constraints, parameters, numbers.

I will be digging down as deep as I can into these leverage points in future posts.

Brett Sechrest



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