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IT House, is an agile software developer located in Riga, Latvia.  Riga is considered an innovation hub.

I suggest you view the following video to learn how Riga continues to evolve its innovation ecosystem.  People, creative spaces, companies, and academia come together.  Riga is different.  It is a place and set of values that promotes innovation through partnership.

IT House is a company worth knowing!

IT House was founded by Gunars Grundstoks and Valdis Pornieks.  Gunars and Valdis are sought out idea generators and innovators.  Their approach is to link technology to business goals.  Having started IT House they have also started Rent Mama (an innovative auto rental service offering low priced leasing options for the price conscious traveler and a Software as a Service (SaaS) portal for local & independent car rental companies to offer their services to consumers), numerous web based applications leveraging Ruby on Rails, and more recently were catalysts in forming Tech Hub Riga.
They have established a strong foundation in the Latvian market and have decided to offer their innovative software development services to a larger international client base.  They continue to grow their business base in Latvia and globally.
I interviewed Gunars Grundstoks, CEO of IT House, just prior to the holidays.  Gunars shares insights about 2012.

What sparked you to start IT House?  How is IT House different?

We have worked on different projects before starting IT House and we saw that we can give added value to our clients by leveraging IT (Information Technology), therefore starting our own company was the logic next step.

Since visiting the United States in 2010, what has IT House been doing?  What is new?

As we have grown out the Latvian market we set our focus on global projects. Since our visit to US, IT House has tripled the amount of international projects we are working on, and increased the development capacity to satisfy the increasing demand.

You recently co-founded TechHub Riga, how did that come about? What is the vision/expectations for Tech Hub Riga? How is that important for US market?

For us TechHub Riga is a social based responsibility to help local startup community, to build new business in global markets. TechHub Riga will gather the best startups in one place and those people who will “live” there will help each other. It will be also a great network opportunity between broader markets and countries.

What is the next big idea(s) in IT?  How will you/IT House participate in this?

We are very closely partnering with companies who are the best in the areas of electronics, design and mobile development, so that we can offer IT solutions that reach not only within the web but also connect to the real world. For example IT House has developed software and our partners the hardware for smart metering solutions for utility companies and end-users to provide usage statistics and services like leakage detection and location. This solution is already deployed in several cities in two countries and new deployments are coming every month.

What should businesses/your potential clients be doing this year to gain advantage from ITs Big Ideas?

NFC (Near Field Communications) is coming up. All Google phones are already NFC enabled, which allows the holder to interact with other electronic devices. This brings the world a big step closer to the ubiquitous network. The applications for this technology are countless. I.e. in education platforms where teachers can prepare tasks to be done outside the classroom and follow the progress of students without interfering or in working environments tracking of business related events will become viable due to reduced hardware costs as most users already have or will have an NFC enabled Smartphone.


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