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iiGrowth has been engaged by the Center For Relationship Therapy, to develop and enhanced online presence.  iiGrowth is working with Director of the Center, Dr. Mary-Linda Sara, to develop new marketing and branding strategies.  The Center offers individual therapy, couples therapy and sexual therapy to the local community.  Creating a new online presence offers the center many new approaches for communicating with its clients and partners.

The focal point for the effort begins with a new user-friendly navigation experience for the Center’s customers and professional relationships. However, there is so much more that is needed to create strong and lasting channels of communication.  iiGrowth’s efforts are to build the foundation as well as the nodes that will ensure lasting and sustained communications between the Center and its clients and partners.  iiGrowth’s marketing and branding support efforts for the Center’s enhanced online presence include the following:

  • Web design and programming,
  • Message and content development,
  • Social media and syndication support, and
  • Search engine optimization

iiGrowth’s efforts in building an enhanced online presence are creating positive inroads in assisting the Center to better communicate with clients and business partners.

The Center has a long history of serving Fairfax County. It was originally founded in 1974 as the Marital and Sexual Therapy Institute.  The founders were Brian C. Campden-Main and his wife, Thelma J. Campden-Main. Dr. Sara joined the Institute in 1983 as Co-Director. The Center, renamed in 1999, retains its original mission statement to “conduct research in and to provide evaluative and therapeutic services in the sensitive area of human sexuality”.


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