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Entrepreneurs face challenges each and every day. Often, as entrepreneurs, we tackle the hardest problems on our own. Of course, the stress of doing so can certainly be difficult. There are other means for approaching challenges such as delegating to someone else, calling on a friend or colleague, talking to a family member, calling up a business partner/supplier, or buying some service/solution. None of these choices are mutually exclusive.

Sometimes a change of venue, being able to speak with other entrepreneurs and business leaders can also be of great value. Recently, I spoke and met with Bill Dennis, who leads and facilitates entrepreneurs in such venues. The CEO Accelerator groups are not large, but they are intended to be meaningful in terms of content, relationships, and addressing problems faced by us as entrepreneurs.

Through the conversations we decided their are many topics of interest to entrepreneurs that we like to discuss and solve including the following examples:

  • What new business models does the new economic environment suggest?
  • Successful cross referral relationships with group members
  • Communication models: social networking: Linked-In vs. Twitter
  • Getting to electronic records as well as “Emotional Intelligence”
  • Creating extraordinary team members through dynamic leadership techniques
  • Group websites, forums, and blog development
  • Collaborative agreements between disciplines
  • Creating multiple brands- creating multiple revenue streams
  • Specialty marketing and networking strategies
  • HR solutions: conflict resolutions and motivation
  • Insurance and technology strategies
  • Collaborative and personalized and hybrid business models
  • Outcome-driven innovation

Finding the right type of support environment is important. You have many options to create such an environment, but maybe a CEO Accelerator is right for you. We are working to put together a group or two in 2013/2014. If you are interested in learning more, helping us frame the discussions important to you, please call me at 240-499-4938 or by email gplato@iigrowth.com. I would be very pleased to speak with you.


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