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Jobs to be done based talent sourcing will provide entrepreneurs and small business owners peace of mind and make sure the right team is in place to grow the company.

As many small business owner and entrepreneur knows, running a successful small business requires a variety of skills and talents. The needed capabilities range from understanding the market and customers who have a need to get a job done (that is why they will hire you), keeping the lights running, updating the books based with the latest income or expense information, and delivering what you are selling.

Often, the entrepreneur tries to fill many of these roles, when in reality it is better to simplify, systematize, and source talent (i.e. do not try to do everything on your own). Breaking the mindset of trying to do it all is probably one of the most important lessons that successful entrepreneurs and small business owners have learned.

If you think you can do it all, you should stop doing so, or at least cut back by bringing in specialists to fill certain job roles. Your physical and emotional health will greatly improve. You will also attain positive business results as doing less is more.

The legend of Superman portrays a superhero that can be everywhere and do everything. However, for us plain folks whose parents did not come from the planet Krypton, that is a tall order, and probably not a healthy one. Trying to do it all is more analogous to being exposed to kryptonite (which is the material that was deadly to Superman, created from the planet Krypton when it exploded).

Small Business Roles
Below is my own quick brainstorm of some roles (throw titles out the door) that need to be filled in a small business. You should build your own as these will change by business type and circumstance.

  • Accounting – manage “the books” and financial cash flows, perform cost accounting and financial reporting, and develop tax strategy
  • Legal – develop your business structure, protect intellectual property, and develop business agreements
  • Business Strategy – Define the business model (customers, value propositions, etc.), set goals, and keep score of your progress
  • Information Technology – keep the lights on in the cloud or inside your offices (you need to fill roles for collaboration, hardware, coding and hacking, business applications, etc.)
  • Facilities – Manage the facility – one of the largest costs in most businesses (go virtual if you can)
  • Marketing – design the website, write the code, design user experience, write copy and content, develop branding materials
  • Human Capital – Hire and develop people and manage alumni relations
  • Innovation – Determine Jobs to Be Done; Design, Build, Test, and Measure what you are building and selling
  • Partnerships and Alliances – Create and manage business partnerships and alliances

Building a Team

Building the right team means having a wide variety of team members who fill the important business roles and do things better than you can do. In addition when you think of the things that the business needs to do, also consider the perspectives of vision and leadership; system and process management, and technical skills. Each of these must be applied to any of the many activities in your business to make it operate effectively.

As a small business and entrepreneur you need to be the one to initially develop the big idea about what your business stands for, what it will do, and what will make it unique. Spend less time in the “lab” and more time with potential clients and customers to get real feedback on what they will hire you to do!

Once you get feedback on your business model, you can create a “Jobs to Be Done” (JTBD) board to define what needs to be done. Using this type of JBTD board you can further construct what your business will look like in terms of people. It does not matter what industry you are in. This approach can help initially define your business activities (aligned with your vision and business model) and this can scale with the business.

Having the right team is critical. Of course you will rely on the team you have constructed. Just as important, or even more so, you customers, business partners, and investors will all rely on the team you have constructed. A good team, with the right roles filled by the right people, will give everyone a good peace of mind and produce better results.



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