Business Growth Accelerator

Business Growth Accelerator Framework

The Business Growth Accelerator Framework is iiGrowth’s approach to helping CEOs achieve increased profitability through business renewal or business creation. Our experience in business growth says that the focus needs to be on business excellence and profitability, not just driving top-line revenue growth. Increased profitability is possible when you become great at what you do, not about doing more things at an acceptable level. Experience is a teacher that you must continuously draw on and seek ways to get better at anything you do. That is where we can help.

We have a three step approach for business improvement and growth.

Step 1: Assessment:

In step one we help CEOs and leaders see what opportunities they have to improve their profitability. We leverage strategic communications to generate excitement and energy across the enterprise and a focus on results. We engage you, as well as your leadership, and your employees.  Leveraging your team is a source for rapid idea generation to accelerate you through the innovation process

The scope of our analysis can range from outside the organization (i.e. to your customers to understand what jobs they are doing, their pains, and how your current or envisioned value proposition aligns to solve their challenges) to internal (i.e. your capabilities and see how these are aligned to your value proposition).  Our gap assessment frames the analysis within the overall strategic context including observing key activities which could include some or all of the following including; customer acquisition and sales, leadership, strategy and future planning, innovation and product/service development, human capital planning and management, marketing, financial management and business metrics, information technology, and facility and space planning.

Step 2: Roadmap:

In step two we organize gaps into opportunities and develop a roadmap that lays out what you need to do, when you need to do this, and who will do it. The roadmap is a plan that is developed collaboratively and ensures understanding and buy-in for the work ahead. We develop visual maps and augment these with the appropriate detailed project plans needed to get the work done. We will also develop the required communications guidelines, artifacts, and processes to ensure that there is continuous dialogue and communication around any initiative.

Step 3: Implementation:

In step three we create rapid action teams and guide them in implementing their ideas. We also keep you focused on the critical items and maintain a sense of urgency. We accomplish this through a goals based model that works in rapid and iterative cycles.

The Business Growth Accelerator Framework is iiGrowth’s approach to building great businesses and profitable growth. We have designed this framework through many years of practical experience, and lessons learned, in growing profitable organizations.


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