Financial Performance

iiGrowth LLC guides you through today’s rapidly changing and turbulent financial environment. Our financial expertise includes a range of services to help you improve your financial performance and achieve your financial goals. These include:

  • Improving Profits. We typically start by developing a presentation of your numbers that allows us to see the key drivers of your profitability and how to improve them. Then, we work with you to implement the changes indicated by our analysis, including creating a process for reviewing the numbers every month, which enables management to control operations.
  • Improving Operations. We look at your finance and accounting operations, particularly the crucial billing and collections process, to identify areas for improvement and to help you implement these changes.
  • Increasing Cash Flow. If you are cash‐constrained, we can help you increase your cash flow by improving your billing and collections process, projecting and monitoring you cash flow every week, and working with vendors as needed.
  • Assessing Risks. In today’s turbulent market, it is vital to understand and control your risks. For example, the overnight sweep account that may have been a good way to earn interest on your cash as recently as a few months ago is a risky thing to do today because of the markets’ volatility. We work with you to identify credit, market, and operational risks like these and develop ways to mitigate them.
  • Raising Money. Through our ties to commercial banks, investment banks, and investors, we can help you develop your strategy to raise debt, equity, or a combination.
  • Making Acquisitions. We can help you develop your acquisition strategy by developing target criteria with you, identifying acquisition candidates, and bringing in the right legal, financial and other partners to help you through the process.
  • Selling Your Business. We can help you develop your goals, objectives, and sales strategy and coach you through the entire process, including bringing in the right legal, financial and other partners you will need to help you through the process.  For more information about our financial consulting services, please contact us anytime.


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