Operational Management

Best practice operational management requires creating and sustaining breakthrough performance. Breakthrough performance is about honing in on your core competencies and doing those better than your competition.  It is also about continuously finding breakthroughs and transformational opportunities as well as continuously improving day to day business performance.

Our Operational Management Services are delivered by applying our Accelerated Execution Framework. We adapt the framework to your strategic intent and business needs.

iiGrowth’s consultants work hand in hand with our clients using our proven 90-120 day results-driven framework that will strengthen your core business.  We provide the framework over a range of services including the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Contract Management
  • Pro-Active Marketing/Direct Sales
  • Sales & Key Account Management
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Rapid Action Workout Team Facilitation
  • Strategic Initiative/Project Management
  • Communications Strategy, Planning, and Implementation
  • Technology Strategic Planning
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Finance and Investment Management
  • Activity Based Management

Through our combined efforts you will solidify your core business and have the strength to weather market downturns as well as take advantage of growing markets and new business opportunities.  Our services will make you more competitive and give you the tools to continue to stay ahead of your competitors.

iiGrowth has assembled an experienced team of specialists in strategy; marketing and communications; infrastructure/operations and technology, finance and contracts, legal, and tax and accounting to rapidly assist companies in maturing their business model and innovating ideas for profitable growth.

Our team constructs practical solutions that help our clients build their brand and monetize content. The Business Accelerator team applies Blue Ocean Principles:

  • Reconstructs market boundaries
  • Focuses on the big picture
  • Reaches beyond existing demand
  • Gets the strategic sequence right
  • Overcomes organizational hurdles
  • Builds execution into strategy

Please contact us to let us know what challenges you are currently experiencing. We would be pleased to provide you a brief consultation, and also engage you with a more in depth review if that is the right solution for you.


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