About us

iiGrowth is a global strategy and management consultancy. Our goal is simple. We want to help you unlock the value of your business and be great! We have learned from experience that it is not about being big it is about being great. Idea generation and creativity, business model innovation and growth, and realizing the power of networks are at the core of your path to becoming a great company. Through great personalization of our services we help you apply these concepts to create your own path to greatness.

How do we do it?

Idea generation and creativity

We possess the critical strategic thinking, skills, and knowledge to help you generate relevant ideas so that you can quickly build an effective business strategy and execute it. We work with our clients through the implementation phase. Our approach to each engagement is focused, designed in short sprints, and working towards defined objectives. We provide you with support along your entire journey.

Business Model Innovation and Growth

Business models are like orchestras, they have many elements.  Without a proper understanding of theory, application, and a feel for what is possible, you will have a hard time getting the most out of each of the elements.  iiGrowth can help you sift through the complexity. We can help you create order from chaos. We will also help you develop a strategic road-map to chart the course forward.  We look at a wide variety of elements including Markets, Customers, Business Partners, Value Exchange, Channels, Customer Relationships (i.e. customer experience journey), Revenues and Profitability; and Business Process, Resources, and Cost Structures.

Community, Collaboration, and Co-Creation

We believe in the wisdom of the crowd. We bring you access to our business networks including companies, individuals, tools and emerging technologies.  Our clients, large or small,  are working with the really Big Ideas as well as the little ideas.  These require vast skills and capabilities that are often not found in-house.  If you are entering new markets or launching new products we can help you develop and evolve your business model rapidly by creating innovation partners through alliances, contracting agreements, and mergers and acquisitions.

Are you ready to unlock your value? Let us help you!


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