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iiGrowth works with a network of business partners and services firms to meet the needs of the iiGrowth community.


iiGrowth LLC works with selected partners in the United States and Europe. Our combined expertise brings iiGrowth clients and partners the wisdom of the crowd and allows you to get your work done at greater speed than possible on your own. Our globally sourced partners are subject matter experts in creating and growing businesses and your big ideas.  Whether you are seeking to understand and develop markets, improve the customer experience and grow your customers, or find people you can easily relate to and will provide you with unique insights, becoming an iiGrowth partner is your first step towards creating an improved business model. To learn more about who we are working with to deliver solutions, please visit our page Partners

Legal and Accounting Services

Our clients, business partners, and service providers all carry on their activities in a complex legal and regulatory environment. Having experienced legal and financial advisors is a critical element of a well rounded business network. Our advisors are integral to iiGrowth’s business vision and strategy and provide counsel and services that help mature new business ideas, innovation, and growth. Our partners are pro-active and have the skills and capabilities needed to provide us with guidance on a variety of business legal and financial matters. Please visit our Legal and Accounting Services page to learn more about our network of advisors.

Associations and Nonprofits

Our community focus and participation in industry and trade events enables us to better guide our clients and keep attuned to the pulse of the marketplace. Our strategy, marketing, and technology services require that we help clients identify emerging regulatory, economic, technological trends in the marketplace that will affect their business models.  Listening to the voice of the market is a precursor to effective strategy and also required to better monitor and to execute the envisioned strategy.   Our consultants are active participants in a variety of industry and trade associations.  Please follow link Associations and Nonprofits to see the organizations that iiGrowth participates in to support our client initiatives.


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