Bill Dennis

B DennisBill Dennis is the founder of Metro Collaborative. Bill leads interdisciplinary groups from Washington DC to New York City. These groups provide health care providers and innovators in health care, opportunities to learn, present, connect and collaborate. He is creating additional group in the Great DC area for select financial institutions and business owners.

As trainer, lecturer, teacher, consultant, coach, trainer, seminar director and author he learns a little each day. His professional career began in 1978 in New York City as a stress management consultant for executives and health care providers.

He implemented innovative practice management systems in over 200 hospitals; medical and dental practices from 1983-1996 and then in 1997 began coaching and consulting services for dentists and physicians. For healthcare professionals, he founded Coaching Solutions, 2000-2011 and Practice-Success.com 2011-present.

As consultant with Paragon Transitions (2011-12), A Director At Blatchford Solutions, (1998-2000), Founder and CEO of Coaching Solutions, (2000-2010) and President at The Center for Conscious Living, (1994-97) he learned humility. As a student in health care management, psychology, communications, group dynamics, team leadership, sales presentations and marketing for dentists, health care administration he learned patience.

As a lecturer at Tufts and NYU Dental Schools as well as numerous study clubs he learned how to listen. From serving as President at The Center for Conscious Living he learned how to listen. He loves skiing, yoga, swimming, hiking and especially raising successful sons.

  • 1974 B.A. Carnegie-Mellon University, English and Psychology
  • 1978 M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh, Counseling & Psychology
  • 1999 Landmark: Team Management & Leadership Program: One Year
  • 2004 Center for Conscious Living, Practitioner Program (One year)
  • 2005 Landmark: Introduction Leadership Program


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