David Abrams

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Dr David Abrams has over 3 decades of experience as a physician and entrepreneur in the practice of Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He has been continuously on the faculty of Keck USC School of Medicine where he is Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine. During his career he has had extensive experience in the design and development of innovative medical practices including large and small group practice and most recently in Concierge Medicine. David has also led the design, development, implementation and management of a Hemodialysis services company providing hemodialysis treatments both within and outside of Hospitals.

Throughout his career in MedicineDavid has been a consultant and advisor to hospital administrators, medical-legal law firms and medical groups. He has extensive experience in the use of Electronic Medical Records and most recently has served on the Board of Advisors for amedical technology development company and atelehealth services provider.

David will be an integral resource for iiGrowth as the company expands its strategic involvement in the rapidly evolving technology driven Healthcare space.


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