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Brigadier General RUDOLFS PEKSENS, US Air Force (Retired) is the Vice President for Strategy & Alliances, iiGrowth LLC.

General Peksens joined iiGrowth in August 2011 after 15 years in the defense industry where most recently he had been the Director of Strategic Pursuits for the Raytheon Company’s Network Centric Systems. In that position he developed strategies for business growth including mergers and acquisitions. He was also an Air Force and command and control subject matter expert and was very actively involved in building strategies to counter cyber threats in that company and for its customers.

From 1966 to 1995 General Peksens served in the US Air Force and that background makes him ideally suited to address the challenges of leadership in dynamic organizations. He is an experienced commander and combat aviator and the only US Air Force officer to have flown fighter, bomber, and reconnaissance aircraft in combat. He is a command pilot with nearly 3,900 flying hours, including more than 600 combat hours in operations over Vietnam and Iraq. In addition to commanding three flying wings (two in Germany), he also served as the commander of the US Air Forces in Europe Warrior Training Center at Ramstein Air Base. In that position he was responsible for training US and NATO flag officers in the command and control of theater war.

General Peksens is a graduate of Tufts University, The Naval College of Command and Staff, and the National War College.


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